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At the very least, motivation requires a biological substrate for a physical sense of pleasure and pain; thus animals can desire to disdain or disdain specific things based on perception and experience. 

The impulse continues to include the ability to form concepts and reason, allowing humans to be able to transcend this minimal state, with a much greater set of desires and rejection.

ANOTHER EXCUSE ๐Ÿ”ฅ Fitness Motivation 

Motivation can be thought of as a cycle in which thoughts influence behavior, drive performance affects ideas, and the cycle begins again. 

Each stage of the cycle consists of several dimensions including attitudes, beliefs, intentions, effort, and withdrawal, all of which can affect the motivation a person is going through. Most psychological theories see that the motivation exists purely within the individual, but social and cultural theories express the motivation as a result of participating in works and activities within the cultural context of social groups.

In particular, in the fields of genetic programming and genetic algorithms, each design solution is commonly represented as a series of numbers (referred to as chromosome). 

After each round of testing or simulation, the idea is to delete n worst design solutions, and generate n new design best solutions. 

Therefore, each design solution must be given a number of merit, to indicate how close it is to meeting the general specifications, and that is generated by applying the fitness function to the test or simulation, the results obtained from this solution.


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