DO OR DIE | Motivational Video

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DO OR DIE 🔥 Motivational Video 

Motivation is the experience of wanting or aversion (want something, or want to avoid or escape something). 

As such, motivation has an objective aspect (a goal or something you aspire to) and an internal or subjective aspect (you want or want something to go away). 

At the very least, motivation requires a biological substrate for a physical sense of pleasure and pain; thus animals can desire to disdain or disdain certain things based on perception and experience. 

The impulse continues to include the ability to form concepts and reason, allowing humans to be able to transcend this minimal state, with a much greater set of desires and rejection.

Work motivation "is a group of active [suspicious - discussion] forces that arise within and outside the individual, to initiate work-related behavior and determine its form, direction, intensity, and duration" understanding what motivates WHO employees is central to the study of I-O psychology. 

Motivation is the internal behavior of a person who is interested in and approaches positive incentives and avoids negative ones. To reinforce this, the incentive is the expected reward or an evil event available in the environment.


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