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The only way to get your monster out is to use this music while you workout bro !

 Best Compilation | FUNNY BODYBUILDING Moments!

- Bodybuilding is the use of progressive resistance exercises to control and develop muscle for aesthetic purposes. 

The person involved in this activity is referred to as a bodybuilder.

It is important for organizations to understand and organize the work environment to encourage productive behaviors and discourage unproductive behaviors given the role of the work motivation in influencing behavior and performance in the workplace. Motivation systems are the center of behavioral regulation.

Tell your mind that you:

- Now it's my number 1 song in my car before gym!

- Ready to go to work out. I'm very excited. My mind is also motivation and I dare say that yours is very good!

- Motivation is the best way to a big house.

- Start watching motivation videos and start working on your body , this is always the time to start.

- I used to play fortnite and now?

- I am just hitting the gym today not tomorrow!

- And don't you forget "NO LIFE WITHOUT GYM."


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