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Motivation is the experience of wanting or aversion (want something, or want to avoid or escape something). As such, motivation has an objective aspect (a goal or something you aspire to) and an internal or subjective aspect (you who want or want something to go away).

In order to obtain effective optimization algorithms, it is necessary to use the previous information gained during the optimization process.

In theory, the natural approach to using well-known prior information is to build a model for a fitness function to help choose candidates for evaluation.

A variety of techniques have been considered to construct such a model, which is often also referred to as alternatives, models, or rounding models - for computationally optimized optimization problems.

IT'S NOT THAT EASY ๐Ÿ”ฅ Motivational Video

The lineages of the lifting can be traced back to the beginning of recorded history where the infatuation of mankind with physical abilities can be found among many ancient writings. 

In many prehistoric tribes, they will have a large rock that they will try to raise, and the first to raise it will write their name in stone. 

Such rocks are found in Greek and Scottish castles. 

Progressive resistance training returns at least to ancient Greece, when legend says wrestler Milo of Croton is training by carrying a newborn calf on his back every day until he grows fully. 

Another Greek, Doctor Galen, described strength training exercises using a halter (early form of dumbbells) in the second century.

Free weights include dumbbells, objects, medication balls, sand bells, and bells. Unlike weight machines, they do not limit users to specific, steady movements, and therefore require more effort from the muscles of individual stability. 

Free weight exercises are often said to be the best for this specific reason. For example, it is recommended for golfers, because golf is a one-sided exercise that can break the body's balance, and requires exercises to maintain muscle balance.

Benefits of weight training include increased strength, muscle mass, endurance, bone and mineral bone density, insulin sensitivity, glute density 4, HDL cholesterol, improved cardiovascular health, low body fat, blood pressure, low density lipoprotein cholesterol, and triglycerides.


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