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Motivation: In many real-world optimization problems including engineering problems, the number of fitness job evaluations needed to get a good solution dominates the cost of improvement.

In order to obtain effective optimization algorithms, it is necessary to use the previous information gained during the optimization process.

To avoid complications of sex and recombination, we initially restrict our attention to asexual populations without genetic recombination. 

Then physical fitness can be assigned directly to genotypes rather than worrying about individual alleles. 

There are two types of commonly used fitness measures; Absolute fit and relative fitness.


Fitness : is often defined as a tendency or a possibility, rather than the actual number of offspring. 

For example, according to Maynard Smith, "Physical fitness is a characteristic, not of an individual, but of a group of individuals - for example, homozygous for allel A in a specific location. 

Thus the phrase" expected number of offspring "means the average number, not the number that If only the first human child was injured by a gene to be raised by lightning in the stroller, this would not prove that the new genotype had low fitness, but only that the particular child was not fortunate. "

The Personal and Fitness Competition is a category of fitness events for women and men. 

While it is somewhat similar, its focus is on defining muscles, not volume. 

The chapter was originally introduced when bodybuilding popularity started to drop significantly, both in terms of fan base and number of participants. 

In recent years, organizations like NPC have completely abolished the female bodybuilding section: only the fitness, shape, fitness and bikini departments remain.

A typical fitness competition consists of a swimwear tour and a routine tour. 

On the swimwear tour, the contestants wear two-piece swimsuits and high-heeled shoes, displaying fitness with a series of turns a quarter or a half towards the judges and audience. 

Fitness tips for fitness competitions usually suggest a small amount of muscle mass. Clear separation of muscle groups (however, there are no visible cracks); And thinness. 

Swimwear must cover at least fifty percent of the gluteus maximus muscle. 

Thong or chains are not allowed.


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